Student Testimonials


"When I first decided to take up singing lessons I was convinced that I was tone deaf and would never be able to sing! Even from my first lesson with Portia she was unbelievably supportive and encouraging, never once letting me believe that I couldn't sing. I'm astounded by the progress I've made in such a short time, this has no doubt been down to Portia's ability to make me feel totally comfortable in each and every lesson and provide a fun environment to learn in! Her extensive knowledge, ability and enthusiasm combined with a relaxed approach always has me looking forward to me next lesson!" -Rich

"Perfect! Omg I loved it,she taught me so many things about singing and the science behind it that I didn't know about. I really enjoyed my lesson and felt like I improved right away. Can't wait to go  back." -Latoyah

"I  had been a singer for 20 years when I decided to have some sessions with Portia to improve on my technique. 6 months later I had improved my tone, built up a great repertoire and gained about 2 semitones in my upper range. She was able to hear what my throat was doing right (and  wrong) and put together exercises accordingly, as well as choosing some great songs to work on." -Steve

"Excellent! Entertaining, informative. Portia was very patient, engaging and encouraging. She was able to explain abstract concepts simply and easily. Very down to earth, welcoming and supportive - great for shy or nervous people. I only wish I had kept better notes to make sure I remember everything we went through." -Joanne (Skype student)   

"As a musician I have had the good fortune to know and work with Portia over a number of years and can say she is a fine musician with, a very important quality this, excellent listening skills. She also has a wide background of vocal experiences and styles to draw upon which makes her able to understand the particular needs of individual pupils, tailoring lessons to achieve the best results in any circumstance. Her sense of humour and empathy is also a desirable quality in any teacher and I have no hesitation in recommending her as an excellent teacher." -John

"I have known and worked with Portia for many years. She is a consummate performer and innovative vocalist and musician who is always exploring new sounds and ways of working. Her thoughtful and super friendly approach to singing can only be beneficial to any student that comes her way." -Arnold

"Portia is a very patient and encouraging teacher who creates a safe and welcoming environment, where one feels comfortable and empowered to sing. She has an excellent knowledge of a variety of vocal styles and techniques, and tailors her lessons around your particular needs and interests. Her explanations are great and she has really boosted my confidence and singing abilities." -Isabella

"Perfect! The session with Portia was super helpful and has served in opening a whole new exploration with my voice in unexpected and creative ways... I'll definately be booking with her again... she was warm, approachable, honest, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended." -Hoppi (Skype student)   

"I'd never really tried properly singing in front of anyone before, but after realising how much I enjoyed belting out a tune in the shower, I   thought I'd seek a professional to train me to get the most out of my voice. I felt instantly comfortable singing in front of Portia. She's very encouraging yet gives constructive criticism. She's helped me to  understand  how the voicebox works, how to create sound, and to realise  my ability. She takes the lessons at my pace, and we'll find songs  together that will suit my voice, range and style. She's highly  qualified and  professional, but extremely personable and we laugh a lot! As well as learning about singing and improving my singing, having  lessons has increased my confidence and the whole experience is very  relaxing and  fulfilling. I would thoroughly recommend tuition from  Portia as she's a  great teacher and a bubbly, smart and unique person. Being with her is a lot of fun!" -Eve

"Singing with Portia during my months in London was a great way to explore my singing voice further, and discover new ways to make use of it. I am not experienced with singing techniques and have made good use of the variations and alterations I was taught. Entering her calm and   atmospheric sphere was also a much appreciated contrast to the constant stimuli of sounds outside and in halls." -Sofie