Coming home to ourselves & each other with voice, ears, body

Sounding Bodies Workshops

Workshops are facilitated either by me alone, or in collaboration with various wonderful colleagues, including Emmanuel Spinelli (composer, musician, lecturer, doctor of sonic art), Louisa Henderson (osteopath for humans and horses, yoga specialist, singer), and Beth Win (extraordinary yoga teacher, dancer).

Practices and Processes

Only through groupwork can we explore the sensation of our own true voices resonating within the context of each other, and here we learn to simultaneously listen to and carry our own expressional truth and each others' through sensitive, expressive and creative exploration of voice, body and listening.

Weaving the Voices

Workshops are sonically built from songs and improvisations, rhythmic voices, soulful melodies, voicing the landscape of our bodies and the environment, relational explorations, resonance exercises, wilderness calls, explorations of the shadow of the voice, abstract textural vocal paintings, harmonious sonority and groove-based soulful, atmospheric improv, and coming home to ourselves and each other. 

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