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::into your shoulders:: newer songs for a newer life cycle


oh! goddesses of grief; swallow the sadness of those angry nights into your vast warm shoulders.

playing on stages, a new release of compositions and improvisations coming soon on:

linear obsessional

feeding the resonance like a singing bowl, singing soul

if one keeps walking


If One Keeps Walking is a vocal commission for a large dance project by choreographer Hagit Yakira for 6 professional dancers, several dozen community cast, and live vocal improvisation/composition. Performances in Norway in Stavanger and Oslo Opera House in September and October 2019. 2018 RnD performances at Laban and Sadler's Wells.   

If One Keeps Walking is supported by partner organisations from the UK Trinity Laban and Sadler’s Wells, and Stavanger Arts Museum, University of Stavanger and Coda International Dance festival in Norway. Developed with generous support from Arts Council England, Arts Council Norway, Stavanger Kommune, Regional Arena for Samtidsdans Sandnes, Tou Scene Stavanger and FFUK.



I'm very excited to be planning a new performance collaboration with Maryam Hashemi, who is a fabulous painter from Persia but based longterm in London, and performance artist KOOH. This is a very feminine body collaboration, exploring the body as the earth. This project engages with the work of XR.



epicotyl    /ˌɛpɪˈkɒtɪl/    noun Botany  
noun: epicotyl
plural noun: epicotyls

    1. the stem of a seedling or embryo located between the                                 cotyledons and the first true leaves.

"It is a fierce album. It is also terribly abstract. At some points, it almost feels as if the unconventional has fallen apart and been reassembled into something else again. Holding the thread is this amazing voice that makes what could be inscrutable, into something that is accessible. It’s not an easy line to walk, but Portia does it." - blog.smudgeon. full review here

"This is one of those albums that you're going to listen to and think about afterwards because you knew that these things were possible with music because they've been done before but they've never been done this way... this is a pure work of genius and one of the best albums I have  heard in a very long time." -Joshua Macala, Raised by Gypsies. full review here

only when you're nameless


multi-channel installation, acoustic ecology. icelandic field-trip soundmap, summertime. from reykjavik up through stykkishólmur, breiðafjörður bay and around the vestfirðir, & conversation excerpts with my travelling companion and her 3 year old daughter, and with the philosopher Ólafur Páll Jónsson, concerning the relationship between human beings and nature.

the project wonders whether the act of listening can enhance our chances of re-identifying the teleology of nature's  aesthetic, and reveal the real properties of the world and our own nature to be more complexly bound than our manner of  consumption and categorisation admits. (in doing so, we might nurture a more  sophisticated relationship with nature and therefore ourselves, and begin to step up from purpose-led and consequently forever-dissatisfied culture, where nature itself tends to be identified in terms of what it can do for us. instead we might celebrate and reside in the now (despite the fact that the now is  tricky, because it's always over).)

do not move stones fragments of sappho


of the ancient greek poet and musician sappho's lyrics, only one complete poem survives- the rest are fragments. for this project i take these fragments - as translated by the poet anne carson - to create a collection of short, fragmented songs, sound poems, and electroacoustic compositions.

voices, stones, washing machines, traffic, roland 100M, de-tuned pianos.

  "you capture something airy and almost vacant in sappho that is quite beautiful. thank you for this work." 

-anne carson

::listen here::

installed in multi-channel at madame lillie's, london, uk

torriano meeting house, london, uk

MASSOLIT books, budapest, hungary

museruole festival, italy


::starflesh:: new songs for a new life cycle


((we are wretched, like new born babes  
we are starflesh, like new born babes))  

you bring me red berries in february 

(with your mercurial wrists)

blue winds at migration 

and something is holding this together 

red berrymouthed desire swells and escapes 

bursts the floodgates 

of the morning, of the evening



so many secret geometries to celebrate



so many shifting horizons to fall into



so many new angles to breathe



more and more new days



journeys too fast to catch