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Everyone’s voice is unique and so is everyone’s learning approach. And  yet there is a universality to what makes a healthy voice and a  beautifully expressive tone – relaxed, instinctive breathwork and  whole-body alignment create the support that provides true freedom to  the larynx, which itself moves between intricate and detailed shifts of  posture and position throughout the singing act. These intricate  laryngeal postures can be explored and understood physiologically, and  then incorporated back into a healthy primal, emotional vocal  expression.

Lessons are tailored to each individual, and combine technique and  intuition to uncover genuine vocal freedom, musicality, expressive tone,  and grounded confidence. Through studying with me, students build  themselves a toolkit that employs creativity and physiological knowledge  to achieve healthy and authentic vocal and musical expression.

I am passionate about providing an environment that is safe enough to  support curiosity and experimentation, and to strike the balance between  playfulness and discipline, thereby creating the perfect conditions for creative and personal growth.

We uncover skills and knowledge for all areas of music and sound-making:  from jazz and pop to classical, folk, experimental, rock, improvisation  and beyond!

a couple of testimonials from my skype students

« Excellent! Entertaining, informative. Portia was very patient,  engaging and encouraging. She was able to explain abstract concepts  simply and easily. Very down to earth, welcoming and supportive - great  for shy or nervous people. I only wish I had kept better notes to make  sure I remember everything we went through. » -joanna

« Perfect! The session with Portia was super helpful and has served  in opening a whole new exploration with my voice in unexpected and creative ways... I'll definately be booking with her again...
she was warm, approachable, honest, and very knowledgeable.
Highly recommended. » -hoppi

my teaching experience

I have been performing for 18 years and teaching for 9 years, with students of all levels of experience. As well as teaching one-to-one, I also run vocal workshops in various places from nearby in the local Complimentary Health Centre to deep in the faraway Welsh forests. I have also mentored undergraduate music and art students from Goldsmiths College London, Chelsea Art College London, and dBs Bristol for their final shows. Every autumn I am a visiting lecturer on the voice for 2nd-year degree  students at Falmouth University in Cornwall.