:: opening thoughts ::


To meet the voice exactly where it is each day, in each fierce and fleeting moment, is the endless journey. For me, as both practitioner and teacher, the practice begins with the instinctual nature of this primal instrument. Voices are resonance, expression, music, connection, story, reflection. Voices echo the experience of each moment. 

Joining instinct hand-in-hand is technical awareness and refinement, providing colourful, textural maps for detail and delight. Approaches for insight and execution. Tools to locate and experience familiar physical expressions of balance, flow, resonance and vitality so that we can continually return to and develop them.


My relationship to the voice takes various approaches – song, vocal score, minimalism, loop, folk, free improv, solo performance, collaboration (with musicians, film makers, dancers, choreographers), extended vocal technique.

I also combine other types of sound-making in the form of electronic pedals, analogue synth, small wooden instruments, sonorous found objects, field recordings, pro tools editing and more...


A key current exploration for me is very much about strengthening the bridge between the voice and the body via new enquiries into yoga practice as a form of vocal enquiry.

My yoga practice has developed a lot this year and is beginning to connect to both my vocal coaching and my own vocal practice. It's becoming clearer and clearer to me that many of the answers we seek (to both voice and life) are hidden in the intertwined corners of the body. As the body resonates the complexity of vocal tone, so yoga clears pathways and offers amazing physical nuance for the vocal (and the life) experience.